Our fitness is the driving force behind BARBELL EMPIRE PROGRAMMING Barbell Empire Programming is a fitness programming style unique to its kind. We understand in order to engineer the highest quality athlete you must optimize their performance in various fitness disciplines. Using the foundation of powerlifting, Bulgarian weightlifting and yoga. Barbell Empire developed a method of strength training, muscle endurance preservation,circuit training and mobilization yoga/joint and muscle health. The empirical study, analysis has been ongoing with quality testing in our worldwide pilot groups. Review the testimonies from athletes from across the world from Eduador, Mexico, UK, Australia and across the United States. Barbell Empire is unique to its Stength Prinicples including the main ideas of

1) Max for the Day (MFD) 2) Hydrualic Breathing (HB) You ask whats MFD? is the term associated with our strength portion of training when performing you body's optimal amount in a weight lifting movement for that day. In most cases the MFD will not be your all time max but a max for that day. This is depending on all the other facotr from the day. Revisiting specific movements at higher percentagess gradually reduces the psychological effect and intimidation of heavier weights. You ask what is HB? this is the term used when utilizing your breathing as an air pressurized hydraulic pump. When in sinc with specific body movements, heavier loads are moved more efficiently. (The same concept has a hydraulic pump, impact hammer, forklift or air pump) Barbell Empire programming also focuses on Metconditioning complimentary to strength conditioning

All programing and workout of the day has scaling options to consider the beginner all the way to our elite athletes

Your desision, No excuse...100% Commitment.


WHAT IS IT Constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. All Crossfit workouts are based on functional movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics weightlifting running rowing and more

Our-Lightning class
Looking to lighten your Load? Crossfit Lightining is a haigh intensity fat burning,cardio based class designed to hel burn calories rid yourself of subborn fat, and keep your heart happy and healthy.

Our-Powerlifting class
Reach your genetic potential by unlocking your knowledge and strength of the true foundational movement of life: the sqluat bench and deadlift

Our-Teen class
A unique sports performance and strength conditioning class designed to prepare you or yur future Division 1 athlete for the starting line up (Ages 13-18)

Our Yoga class
HATHA/YIN YOGA: Yoga based on breathing and alignment for athletes strength. flexibility,balance, and injury pervention. Learn how to relive stress and enhance your overall well-bing

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"I look and feel stronger and healthier.(JD-Surprise Arizona)
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